We were contacted by TJ for a wonderful surprise for his wife, a romantic Valentine's Day ride through beautiful Ortega of Jacksonville, Florida. So, of course, we were interested in such an exciting present for his wife. We decorated the Cinderella carriage with white roses and got Big Ben all cleaned up. It was still just a little chill in the air enough for a couple to snuggle outside and enjoy themselves.

We waited for the couple just outside of Ortega. They arrived and TJ had his wife keep her eyes closed until just the right moment when he told her to look and see the carriage decked out and waiting for them. After much laughing and many smiles, we set off on our journey.

Here's a picture of TJ and his wife. :)

The happy Valentine's Day couple on their horse carriage ride.

We saw beautiful homes in Ortega and wonderful old trees that swept across the road. Even Big Ben had fun showing off.

A view from the carriage driver's seat overlooking the horse and the road in Jacksonville, FL.

Besides the fun of it being a surprise, my favorite part of the ride was crossing the Ortega bridge. Big Ben did it like a pro with no trouble at all. We had a lovely view of the water, boats, ducks and of course, the Jacksonville skyline. What a fantastic ride!

Horse carriage ride with a view of the Jacksonville skyline. Perfect.