In May of 2009, we were getting ready for a hawaiin luau birthday party. Our carriage had been hired for a birthday party in a hawaiin luau theme. Our job was to pick up the birthday boy at his home and transport him to the party location offering rides to guests afterward. I was thrilled with the idea of decorating for such a novel theme. Needless to say, Sonic ended up with a purple flower lei around his neck. I had a grass skirt and pink lei. Mike had a hawaiin shirt and another lei. We had bedecked the carriage in a lot of brightly colored flowers and headed out to pick up the birthday boy.

It started to rain lightly on us but it didn't dampen our spirits. So, with some umbrellas and sheepish grins, we set off. Sonic again wanted to be led by me so we both got a lot of exercise but the safety of my passengers and of my horse were at the top of my list. I didn't mind.

It stopped raining as soon as we got to the party site. Of course. We had quite a few passengers and everyone was very kind even supportive of Sonic still being in training for this size of cart. He still needs more practice but that's all right. His confidence will come with time. Although, we had quite a few girls asking about the possibility of a cinderella carriage for their coming of age parties, quincerasas. That got me thinking as well about a possible investment of a pumpkin top. It'd be a neat addition. That's for sure.

I'm ashamed to say that we don't have any pictures but it was a lot of fun. I look back on it as a fond experience and learned a lot from it. I'm glad to say that all went well.