Our first wedding was booked from the Premier Bride Bridal Show at UNF. Save the date of November 21st, 2009. Rebecca hired us for her wedding and was delightful to work with. The wedding was held at Treaty Oak Park beneath the huge oak tree. It was simply beautiful.

We picked up Ms. Rebecca and her father at a nearby hotel. Waited for a little bit for some pictures. Big Ben was very excited to be out and was prancing happily.

This is a picture of us waiting to go to the park for the wedding. Rebecca had a great idea of arriving just a little bit after the wedding was supposed to start. That way any stranglers would have had time to make it over there and she could make her entrance. I thought it was a very good idea.

Soon we were off and arrived in style into the park. We dropped off Rebecca and her father at the aisle and went to wait a little bit away. I can't forget the sound of the violinist playing as Rebecca went up the aisle. Simply magical. Here's a picture of Big Ben and I waiting to pick up the bride and groom after the ceremony.

Those are lights under the carriage but it was so bright out that you couldn't see them.

After a beautiful ceremony, we whisked Rebecca, her new husband, the flower girl and the ring bearer away. After a fun ride and photo shoot, we dropped them off at the boat dock. They had their reception on a boat sailing the waters. How fun and romantic! We wish the new Mr. & Mrs. Lewis all the best!

Here's a fun shot that we took just before reaching the boat dock. We stopped here at the valet parking outside of the Chart House Restaurant in Jacksonville, FL. :) The valet-men said they'd be happy to park the carriage for us. LOL