Our first carriage ride was in truth, a favor done for our neighbors. They are the most fantastic neighbors anyone could ask for and our friends as well. They've supported us through the whole time that we were debating what to do on starting up this business.

Well, their son Jonathon was getting ready to take his girlfriend Allie to prom and Jon's mom Patti came up with the idea of using the carriage. Jon loved it. Our other neighbor Jacob was also going and wanted to do the same for his girlfriend Nicole. Patti approached us to ask if we could do it. Of course, we accepted and concocted a way to make it happen. We would tow our horse Sonic in our small horse trailer. Then they would tow the carriage on a borrowed flatbed trailer.

We got there plenty early and decorated. I can tell you that everyone was nervous. It was supposed to be a surprise for Allie. I just loved that idea. Sonic was hitched and ready. We started off but Sonic got frightened of being in a strange place and pulling the strange new carriage. He'd only pulled it a handful of times at home since we'd only had it about a week or so. He refused to go anywhere.

I did the only thing that I could think of. I jumped down from the carriage and walked up to him speaking to him soothingly. Sonic and I have a strong bond from our natural horsemanship training and his living with me for the last 10 years of his life. I walked in front of him leading him with the reins and he trustingly followed pulling the carriage. For safety and to soothe his fears, I stayed with him on the ground. He did fantastic once I was there acting like his brave little self.

Well, we were on the road by now and headed toward where we would meet the prom party to pick them up. I could see Jon running out to the end of the road to see if we were still coming. He was so excited to surprise Allie. He waved and headed back to Allie. When we turned the corner onto her street, there was a loud yell from Allie of surprise. It made me have the biggest grin to hear her so happy. I knew that I wanted more moments like that. It was just so fulfilling.

We all loaded up after taking some pictures and went for a tour around the neighborhood were the teens had a great time showing off to the neighbors and Sonic got to strut his stuff. Sonic did really well that day for so little practice. I know that he'll only get better with time.