If you've ever been to a war re-enactment, you know that they are very exciting and educational. The Olustee Battlefield holds a re-enactment annually to remember the events that took place there. The icing on the cake is that they also include a parade of all the actors participating in the re-enactment. So how do the clubs and important officials get to travel in the parade? Well, by horse and carriage, of course!

There are several different carriage companies that come together to collaborate on this event. We were one of several. We brought both of our horses and carriage. Big Ben pulled our carriage while Sonic pulled a spare carriage that another company had brought along. It was fantastically fun!

Battle of Olustee, we are dressed for the part of this parade.

This is Sonic, Mike & I dressed up in period clothes and ready to go!
It was so cold that day that I had to wear a sweater under my dress.

Sonic driving a pretty wagonette carriage on our way to the parade start.

This is a picture of Sonic driving a carriage headed toward the parade start point.