Happy Birthday to Olivia!

Awesome Tangled themed pony birthday party in Gainesville, FL

Olivia turned 3 years old this year and loves the Disney movie Tangled.
So, she had a Rapunzel party and needed a horse like Maximus.
Well, we did her birthday party last year with Sonic.
This year, her parents decided that she was old enough
to ride her own horse, so we brought Magic, who was just
Olivia's size. All the kids had a blast!

Here's Magic getting ready

Our black pony Magic getting ready for the pony party in Gainesville, FL

Pretty headshot of our pony Magic at a pony party in Gainesville, FL

Here's Magic, Olivia and her family.

Awesome Tangled Rapunzel birthday pony party in Gainesville, FL with our black pony Magic

Her awesome birthday cake!

Amazing Tangled Rapunzel's tower birthday cake

And Magic rolling and relaxing after a job well done.

Magic getting up after rolling. She looks wild.