On a beautiful Saturday afternoon, we traveled down to beautiful New Smyrna Beach, Florida for Dan & Carol's wedding. Dan had contacted us for his wedding from his own love of horses and wanting to share that with his new bride and family. Beautiful weather greeted us as we were setting up. The ceremony was held at sunset, which excited me because this called for the carriage to be lighted. So brand new lights came in the mail for Mike and I to decorate the carriage with. When you are traveling on the road with the carriage at night, it is our opinion that the more lights that you have on your carriage making you more visible, the safer that you'll be. So, Mike and I had fun putting a lot of lights on!

At sunset, we picked up the lovely couple shortly after their wedding ceremony and photo session. We traveled at a leisurely pace toward their reception site, the American Legion. Amid Tiki torches and applauses, Dan & Carol were welcomed to their reception.

Dan & Carol Arriving to Their Wedding Reception with our Lighted Horse Carriage

We stayed at the reception offering rides to their wedding guests.

Reception guests taking an evening ride in our lighted carriage More passengers from the wedding reception in our lighted horse carriage

Here are some close up details of the carriage lighted.

Lighted horse carriage, New Smyrna Beach, FL wedding Our Percheron guiding our lighted horse carriage
Lighted carriage seat Lighted horse carriage

We had originally planned to travel down Canal Street in New Smyrna Beach, FL. To our surprise, there was an antique car show going on that had closed down the whole street. Good thing there were plenty of alternatives routes that we could take. Here are some pictures of the car show and the lighted Christmas palm trees!

Antique car show with lighted Christmas palm trees Antique car show on Canal Street in New Smyrna Beach, FL

Congratulations to Dan & Carol!