On the evening of December 4th, 2010, we joined in the fun of the Middleburg Lighted Christmas Parade. It is something that we have always wanted to do and now had the chance. So, after much decorating and lights being put up, we set off to the parade. Of course, who were we going to have ride in the carriage? We put in a call to the Civic Association of Middleburg, who put on the parade and found out that Santa Claus needed a ride. Seems his sleigh doesn't work so well on asphalt. So we volunteered.

Setting up, we were greeted by many other horse enthusiasts including some other horses that drove. Of course, they were all pint-sized. Here is a picture of Big Ben, our Percheron draft horse, meeting Chomp, a miniature horse. Aren't they adorable?
Big Carriage Horse Meet Little Carriage Horse, Middleburg, Florida
When the sun went down, our lights came on and we set off to the cheers of the largest crowd of people that I have ever seen. There were hundreds of kids attending. Santa joined us along with a few of his little elves. Santa was met with cheers from the children. There were a lot of floats this year and a herd of horses being ridden/driven. We had the spot of honor at the end of the parade. We had a lot of fun that was for sure. Seeing so many people smiling was very worthwhile. Here's a picture of the evening with Santa:
Santa takes a ride in our horse carriage for the Middleburg Lighted Christmas Parade 2010 in Florida.