Happy Birthday to Addy!

Pony ride fun at a birthday party in Jacksonville, FL

Addy turned 5 years old and had Magic and Sonic out to her birthday party. We all had so much fun! Addy told her mom that she dreamed of having a "white pony with purple hair and another pony for petting." Well, her mom found us to make that happen for her. Then mom found out that all of Addy's friends were coming to her party. So we both decided to make her petting pony into a second riding pony since both ponies can be petted as well. We had a special surprise for Addy and brought her second riding pony as a unicorn!

Here's Magic our pony ride pony as a unicorn at a birthday party in Jax, FL.

Here's Sonic as a my little pony with purple hair at a birthday party in Jacksonville, FL.

My Little Pony Sonic at a birthday party in Jacksonville, Florida

Here's what Addy's mom Laura had to say about our ponies: "Thanks for everything yesterday. The horses were just perfect and the kids had a blast. Especially Addy! Thanks for helping to make her day special."