We have a wedding coming up on September 5th, 2010 for Priscilla and Kyle. We're very excited about their wedding. The color theme of the wedding is purple, silver and zebra stripes! Of course, I ran out to go get zebra striped ribbon to make swags for this. :)

Their venue is Country Day Castle up in Hilliard, Florida. Mike and I have been wanting to go to this venue since before we started up our carriage service. So you can imagine our excitement at getting our first wedding up there. We took a motorcycle ride up there today to meet with the owners, scout out where to park and plan out our route for Priscilla & Kyle's wedding.

That's a picture that Mike took today. Can you picture Big Ben and the carriage out front? I certainly can. We will be making several trips bringing the groom and his family up front, then the bridesmaids and lastly, the bride and her father. I think it will all fit into the ceremony very well. The wedding will be outside in front of the castle with the chairs for guests situated on the front lawn and officiant up by the front door. The reception will be held inside, where it's air conditioned!