In December 2009, we gave horse-drawn carriage rides to celebrate the Christmas and the holidays. We did these at Oakleaf Town Center in Jacksonville, FL. We all had a great time singing christmas carols and enjoying the cooler weather. We met so many wonderful people. Here's a clip of Sonic and myself driving the carriage.

As you can see, we wrapped the carriage up to look like a present and we wore Santa hats. Even Sonic had a Santa hat.

The best part was lighting the carriage up at night. The lanterns were lit and the white Christmas lights turned on.

We also worked out a special with Patches Gifts, where shoppers who purchased items over a certain amount got a ticket for a free carriage ride. That was fun too. A reward for getting presents for your loved ones. The below picture is of our carriage outside of Patches Gifts.

Happy holidays! We look forward to next year!