We do a lot of surprise weddings for brides. This wedding was one of the most memorable for us. It was early Spring and we were contacted by a rather excited mother-of-the-bride. She wanted to have our carriage service as a surprise for your daughter's wedding. The location? NAS Jax. It appeared doubtful that we may be able to make it happen since it was on the Navy base but after much checking into with command, we got the green light to go ahead.

The result was simply beautiful. Her daughter Tammy was delighted with the carriage ride as she's a horse-back rider herself. So the surprise was perfect. We picked her up outside of the cabin, where she was getting ready, and took her down at a brisk trot toward the Officer's Club. Tammy was married on the banks of the St. John's river in a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony.
New bride Tammy meeting Big Ben, our wedding carriage horse at NAS Jacksonville, FL. Tammy on her carriage ride to her wedding at NAS Jax.
The beautiful bride arriving at the wedding ceremony via horse-drawn carriage.
We took the happy couple on a quick getaway afterward. This allowed them some quiet time as man and wife before we headed back over to the Officer's Club for the party to begin. What a great wedding!
Husband and wife kissing in the Cinderella carriage.
Of course, there's the happily ever after. :)
The happy married couple riding off into the sunset for a happily ever after.