A little while ago, I received an e-mail from a gentleman by the name of Chris with a proposal of a carriage ride that just melted my heart. Chris is in the army and has been stationed in Korea for the past year away from his family. He'd gotten leave time approved to head back stateside to visit with his wife and daughter. Well, it's his third anniversary coming up with his wife and he wanted to do something really special and romantic for her. His idea was to make it a surprise for his wife Karol and have us pick them up at their hotel to take them to a nice restaurant for dinner. Well, that just tugged at my heart strings since my husband Mike just got out of the Navy. I knew that I really wanted to help make this happen for them.

So after much planning and a fun meeting, we were ready. We pulled up to the Hampton Inn to find Karol all smiles. We took a leisurely stroll down to the Melting Pot, where they had a fabulous fondue dinner. While they were eating, Mike and I were outside with Big Ben getting all the lights set up on the carriage for our evening ride back to the hotel. When darkness came, the carriage was aglow with many little white lights. The lights outlined the undercarriage of the carriage, the wheels, handrails and the hearts of the Cinderella pumpkin top. It was so beautiful! After their dinner, we picked them up once more and strolled back to the hotel beneath a starry sky. The weather was perfect. Not too hot nor cold. Very lucky for December but we're grateful. The evening was a wonderful success and a beautiful memory.

Chris and Karol on their 3rd Anniversary carriage ride in Jacksonville, Florida