Awesome shoot from the Glen Venue in Glen St. Mary, FL with our Cinderella carriage.
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Mike & Nicole Pinto

Our Carriage

Our carriage is an Amish-built Vis-a-Vis carriage. Vis-a-Vis is french for "face to face" since the passengers' seats face one another. It is an antique carriage that has just been restored to a beautiful and elegant presence. It is white with silver trim. The seats are upholstered in white vinyl and are very plush and comfortable. The carriage can accommadate anywhere from four to six passengers, one driver and one footman.

Each time our carriage goes out it is drawn by one horse and guided by one driver and a footman. The carriage is very easy to pull and steer. It glides almost by itself once it gets rolling. The horses find it no trouble at all. It is fitted with a fifth wheel, which makes it very safe and easier to turn. It is equipped with lights on the back and has carriage lamps on the front. Our Cinderella Pumpkin Top is also available to make your special day truly magical.

 Two Styles to Choose From

Cinderella Style Carriage

 The magical fairytale flare of the classic carriage is outfitted with a Cinderella style Pumpkin top. It has a total of eight heart decorations on it and leaf-like flourishes up at the top. Two of the hearts interlock at the rear of the carriage making for a picture perfect moment for the rear passengers.

Our first wedding held in Treaty Oak Park, Jacksonville, FL.

Classic Style Carriage

The Classic style carriage is very traditional. Elegant with enough presence that speaks for itself. This is the carriage just as it was designed to be driven like in the 1800s. Like something out of a movie. The perfect addition to any sort of event.

Decorating the Carriage

 We include decorating the carriage in our service. The carriage can be decorated in rose garlands and handmade bows to accent it but you may request that the carriage be decorated any way that you like. Since the carriage is white, it can go with nearly any color scheme. There are many options on styles. If we don't have a garland color that fits with your color scheme, we suggest to use the white garlands as they match the carriage and your colors will stand out better. We would ask that you let us know what color that you are looking for as we may have them on order already.

The colors that I have currently available of the rose garlands are:

Red rose garlands to decorate the horse carriage.
White rose garlands to decorate the horse carriage.
Purple rose garlands to decorate the horse carriage.
Pink rose garlands to decorate the horse carriage.
Rebecca's carriage ride for her wedding in Jacksonville, FL

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